Why Is Boulder The Happiest City In America?

6 reasons Boulder is the happiest city in America, despite the cost of living. 

In 2011 CBS News wrote, “If happiness is a state of mind, then Boulder is its capital”, and our Boulder Compass realtors couldn’t agree more! This isn’t the only major news outlet to recognize our incredible city. Gallup, Forbes, The Today Show, and National Geographic have all recognized Boulder for its happiness, health, and well-being.

Inflation and cost of living are topics that lived rent-free in headlines this year. Boulder has been a big part of that conversation. It’s in the top 2% of the most expensive cities in the world and shows no signs of change. And yet, people have not stopped moving here. Boulder has had a steady growth rate between 1.01-1.23% for the past ten years.

Boulder is a place of great natural beauty. The Flatirons inspire wanderlust throughout the globe. But the foothills are not solely responsible for the happiness that surges throughout our community. Many of our Compass Boulder real estate agents are lifelong Boulder residents. We know Boulder better than anyone. And we can say with confidence that these 6 things are the biggest factors in our universal happiness:

Boulder has an active culture

Boulderites look forward to activities throughout the year. Warmer months mean hiking, camping, trail running, rock climbing, and biking. Thoughtfully planned infrastructure makes it easy to incorporate our favorite activities into our daily lifestyle. Downtown is pedestrian friendly and the Boulder Open Space is accessible within minutes from downtown. The LoBo trail connects downtown to our suburbs with a scenic greenway. When the air turns frigid, we look forward to nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and downhill skiing. The nearest downhill resort is only 30 minutes away on Eldora. Cross-country skiing tracks are built into neighborhood parks.

There aren’t many places where active living is this easy. These activities keep our childlike spirit of play alive (and the endorphins from all this movement don’t hurt either)!

Wacky traditions keep our neighbors connected

Annual traditions help us mark the passage of time. They’re a great way to build memories with our friends and neighbors. The citizens of the city, and our Boulder realtor team, participate in some pretty silly traditions. In July we put on our business suits and float to work in Boulder creek. We celebrate a cryogenically frozen dude at Frozen Dead Guys fest in the fall. We put on costumes and party on our lawns during the BOLDER Boulder race on Memorial Day. We peruse local shops searching for a plush snowman called Freezie during the annual Freeziefest.

All our traditions are a little kooky. But there’s no denying that they’re fun. And it brings our community together throughout the year. 

We help each other out

Mindfulness teaches that one of the best ways to ensure your happiness is to give back to the community. The culture of giving is very much alive in Boulder. Residents tend to community gardens to cultivate fresh produce for local food shares. The Compass real estate agents here at Burgess Group host a long list of nonprofits that serve our community and environment. 


The fresh food scene

Food is a giant part of lasting health and happiness. Boulder has many farm-to-table eateries that serve up healthy, delicious food. The food scene in Boulder attracts foodies who are interested in healthy and sustainable practices. Incredible food is found throughout the city, whether you’re in for a night on Pearl Street or searching for more of a mom-and-pop place. 


Boulderites get plenty of vitamin D

Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. But despite early sunsets and cold temperatures, Boulder residents stay remarkably immune to it. Boulder brags an average of 245 sunny days per year. That’s more than Florida, which is self-proclaimed as the Sunshine State. It has a noticeable impact!


Boulder attracts passionate people

Boulder is a world-class destination for hiking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and tech. For this reason, it attracts extremely passionate people. Whether or not you’re into these things…The city-wide buzz is bound to rub off on your spirit.


Ready to move to Boulder?

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