frequently asked questions (Faq)

What Do I Need to Buy a Boulder, Colorado Home?

Buying a house with a loan in Colorado typically relies on Fannie Mae/Freddy Mac mortgage industry standards, and loan requirements are important to factor into your purchasing decisions. Of course, your lender will look at your credit rating and ask about any outstanding loans or debts that you might have. Your credit score should be 620 or higher, and you need to make sure that your debt-to-income ratio is no more than 36%. Have your financial documentation in order and ready for inspection including proof of income, tax returns, bank statements. You will need to obtain a home appraisal to determine the home’s value and have a downpayment ready to pay at closing. Once your lender has determined how much house you can afford, we find your property!

If you’re purchasing your property with cash, the purchase process is greatly simplified, focused simply on finding the right property and getting under contract.

Burgess Group has an extremely high under-contract rate, even through the most difficult inventory-low markets.

What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy a House in Boulder, Colorado?

Historically, in this area, there have been two primary selling seasons in which the majority of sales occurred. The primary season begins sometime in February or March, wrapping up usually around Memorial Day. Summer is usually slower, with fewer properties for sale. There is a secondary selling season that typically begins about 10 days after Labor Day, lasting 4-12 weeks depending on the year. All this being said, since the pandemic, this pattern has not held true. We’ve had significant buyer demand every month, with slowdowns mostly occurring when inventory is lowest in the late fall.

Can I Buy a Home if I’m Not in Boulder?

Purchasing a home without visiting is becoming more commonplace since the pandemic. Thankfully, technology today makes the job much easier when house hunting in person isn't an option. When buying out of state, keep in mind that it is helpful to have boots on the ground representation. Although pictures and descriptions help buyers understand properties from afar, send a trusted representative, such as a trusted Boulder realtor from Burgess Group, to look at it for you.

What Are Some Unique Considerations for Buying Boulder Real Estate?

Boulder’s real estate market is one of the most reliable in the US for growth and stability, as noted yearly by Smart Asset. As such, it is a very attractive place for investors to hold property. Additionally, according to the Federal Housing and Finance Agency data, the Boulder real estate market has returned an average of 5.6% yearly since 1979, which is a very high return when compared to most national markets. This return makes buying Boulder real estate extremely attractive to regular homeowners as well.

What’s the Housing Market Like in Boulder, Colorado?

Homes for sale in Boulder exist in a variety of sizes and styles, from small starter homes to sprawling luxury homes. The majority of homes land squarely in a middle bracket with 1-2 car garages and comfortable lawns. Aside from these highly sought-after Boulder homes for sale, there are apartments for rent and townhouses/condominiums for lease and sale.

Why is Boulder a Great Place to Live?

Boulder has one of the most reliable housing markets for growth and appreciation year after year. An award-winning city with many honors, Boulder is #1 on The 10 Happiest Cities List, #1 on The Brainiest Cities List, and #1 on Forbes America’s Top 25 Towns list.

Attractions in Boulder include thousands of acres of parkland, numerous historic sites, and a variety of cultural events and venues. The atmosphere in Boulder is alive with creativity and culture.