The 8 Most Breathtaking Ice Rinks Near Boulder

A fresh snowfall, twinkle lights, and a picturesque ice rink make Colorado look straight out of a Hallmark Movie. Our Boulder real estate agents feel it’s one of the best winter activities (especially if you’re not into skiing… or just want to mix it up!). There are so many gorgeous rinks near Boulder. So whether you’re a novice, a natural glider, or just want an excuse to say “Zamboni!” with a Tony Soprano accent, here are the best spots to check out this winter according to the Boulder realtor team at Burgess Group | Compass.


The Most Beautiful Natural Ice Rinks In Colorado

Quick disclaimer:

Be sure to check the weather before you make the drive out to these gorgeous spots. Colorado will occasionally see a warm front. And for safety reasons, natural lake rinks aren’t open when conditions aren’t right. 


The Rink At Evergreen Lake 

Evergreen Lake is the world’s largest natural ice rink. 8.5 acres of the 40-acre lake are Zamboni-groomed for smooth, safe skating. Its beauty is unparalleled. CNN named it one of the world’s most beautiful ice rinks. Snowcapped Rocky Mountain foothills surround the lake.  The area has one huge public skating rink and 11 different hockey rinks. Oh and the best part? It’s super affordable. Admission is only $7/ person. And that includes your skate rentals!

Distance from Downtown Boulder: ~53 minutes. 


Keystone Lake Ice Rink 

Keystone Lake is a gorgeous 5-acre lake in Keystone Resort. In the summertime, it’s frequented by paddleboarders, kayakers, even our Boulder realtor team! But in the winter, after the Rocky Mountain freeze sets in, it’s completely transformed. Every day, vacationers and locals hop on the ice to twirl, glide, or slap around a hockey puck. Admission is $15 for adults and $10 for kids. If you’re totally new to the activity and are feeling a little unsure of your balance, you can also rent a skating assist stand for $5.

Keystone Resort has a second rink. The Dercum Square rink is smaller and man-made. But it’s located right in the heart of the festive resort atmosphere and is only steps away from the Gondola.

Distance from Downtown Boulder: ~1 hour and 38 minutes. 


Part of the epic YMCA of the Rockies, Dorsey Lake lives at the gateway to Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s so beautiful here that it’s not uncommon for Boulder couples to trek to Dorsey Lake for engagement photos. It sits within a grove of snowy pine trees, with clear views of Lily Mountain. Access to Dorsey Lake is free with a YMCA of the Rockies Membership. But for non-members, it’s only $10 (skate rentals included!).  

Distance from Downtown Boulder: ~59 minutes


Ice Skating in Colorado State Parks

There are also several local state parks that offer ice skating when the conditions are right. These aren’t official rinks… just informal frozen lake skating. They’re not maintained with Zamboni’s. It’s the real, raw experience. But it can also be more dangerous. Before you make your plan, be sure to contact the park and ask about skating conditions. It’s also advisable to educate yourself on how to escape a fall through the ice. Be prepared, and have fun. Here, Burgess Group Boulder real estate agents list local state parks with ice skating opportunities:


Man-Made (but super beautiful!) Ice Rinks Near Boulder


WinterSkate in historic downtown Louisville

Ask any Boulder realtor and they’ll tell you, downtown Louisville is as charming as it gets. The square has remnants of Colorado saloons. But it still brings a modern flair with landscaping and hip cafes. The ice rink is set up in the heart of all this. It’s been a winter staple in town for over 20 years. Skate under a canopy of fairy lights. Admission is only $10.

Distance from Downtown Boulder: 20 minutes


Longmont Ice Pavilion 

Covered under a sturdy brick pavilion, this rink will get you out in the fresh air… but you’re still protected from the elements. This rink is a Longmont community staple. They keep a tight schedule of open skate times, hockey programs, and skills classes. There are programs available for both children and adults. So if you want to learn how to swizzle… or how to fall gracefully, check out the schedule. 

Distance from downtown Boulder: 27 minutes


Ice Rink at the Promenade Shops in Loveland 

The Promenade Shops is an open-air mall and a major shopping and dining destination. The ice rink provides a great way to take a break from your errands, and get some playtime in. This rink is beautifully landscaped, and only $10.50 for tickets. 

Distance from downtown Boulder: 54 minutes


Downtown Denver Rink

The downtown Denver Ice Rink is Colorado’s version of Rockafeller Center. The rink is surrounded by towering skyscrapers and decorated with twinkling lights. It’s a picturesque winter city scene that does not disappoint. Warm up with some hot cocoa at the concession stand when you need a break. 

Distance from downtown Boulder: 40 minutes


Best Spots For Indoor Ice Skating Near Boulder

If checking out these amazing outdoor rinks hooks you on the sport, you can continue practicing all throughout the year. There is no shortage of amazing indoor ice rinks near town. Our Boulder real estate agents list a few of the best to consider:


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