8 Fun Ways To Escape Boulder Heat Waves

This summer Boulderites are riding heat waves that crest in the mid-90s. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the a/c until the sun goes down. Or sit in your garage staring at your ski gear as if it were a slice of cherry pie. If you’re stuck indoors with the curtains drawn, look no further than this guide our Compass Boulder realtor team has complied for summer fun inspiration. 


Check out Local Museums 

Locally, Burgess Group Boulder real estate agents and residents alike plan our activities around weather conditions. On a perfect weather day… we’ll be outdoors hiking, climbing, or enjoying a beer on a patio. When the weather isn’t ideal, it’s time for a cultural fix. Scorching hot afternoons are a great excuse to enjoy Boulder’s (wonderfully climate-controlled) museums.

Museum of Boulder - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go


  • Fiske Planetarium- The planetarium is relaxing, educational, and sometimes a little trippy. Choose between shows about black holes, enchanted reefs, or the grateful dead.


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Adventure to a Swimming Hole 

All year we look forward to summer swimming hole hikes. Plunging into cool, crisp mountain waters is the ultimate reward after a long, sweaty hike. We highly recommend venturing out to Paradise Cove or Devil’s Punch Bowl. The views from these wilderness lagoons are unparalleled.


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Seek Higher Ground

One amazing thing about Boulder’s location is that you can always venture to higher elevations. Just drive for an hour, and it’s guaranteed to be a solid 10-20 degrees cooler. Some of our favorite winter sports destinations are a blast in the summer too. It’s thrilling to see how the Rocky Mountain peaks and valleys transform seasonally. The Compass real estate agents here especially love:




Try a Cold Plunge

Did you know there’s a weekly ice bath event every Sunday in Boulder Canyon? It’s called Ice Church and it’s hosted by Justin Weiss, an expert in the Wim Hof breathwork method. Ice baths and cryotherapy have been in the headlines recently for their landmark benefits for chronic pain, athletic recovery, and mental health. Weiss leads his guests through breathing exercises as they soak in icy water. Participants leave with a sense of accomplishment and camaraderie. And they certainly escape the summer heat!


Wanna join in the fun? Click here to sign up.



White Water Rafting

Marketing Director Kacie Riordan and her dog Mikey on Upper Colorado River, Labor Day 2022


White Water rafting is nature’s roller coaster. A rafting trip means a few hours of adrenaline-pumping fun that will leave you grinning from ear to ear. Don’t worry about staying cool on the river. You will definitely get splashed! There aren’t any white water outfitters in the city of Boulder (Boulder creek is much too tame to be considered white water!). But a quick hour’s drive will take you to Wanderlust Adventure outfitters. They will take you down the scenic can raft the Cache La Poudre River, the only “wild and scenic” river in Colorado. 



Fly Fishing


Guides Archive - Front Range Anglers | Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is a rare activity that’s both relaxing and engaging. And it’s a great way to cool off. You’ll need to wade in the water to cast your line! If you’re new to the sport, there are some great fly fishing outfitters in Boulder that will set you up with everything you need- including lessons! 



Bring Back The Ice Cream Social

When did ice cream socials become a thing of the past? The term evokes images of hoop skirts and suspenders. But a cold treat and sweet sugar rush with friends seem like timeless fun to us! Let’s bring it back. Gather up some friends and meet at one of Boulder’s local ice cream shops. Our Boulder realtor team especially loves: 



Did someone say Pool Party?

When in doubt, you can always hit the pool. Two community pools in Boulder stand out from the rest.

  • Scott Carpenter Pool– for a mere $ 10-day pass, you’ll get access to an Olympic lap pool, lazy river, water slide, and splash pad.
  • Spruce Pool– The spruce pool is unfortunately closed for the 2022 season (due to a lifeguard shortage), but keep it on your bucket list for next year. The flat irons provide a staggering backdrop to the sparkling waters.

If you want to bring out your inner child, you can always head over to the Pearl Street pop-jet fountain.

Stay safe out there! 

If you’re venturing outside during the hot afternoons, remember to bring extra water with you. And pop an electrolyte tablet into one of your Nalgene. Our arid, dry heat can get dangerous if you’re not properly hydrated. 


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