5 Boulder Juice Bars That Will Make You Feel Like A Super Hero

National Green Juice Day is January 26th! Our Boulder realtor team here relishes any chance to be festive. And this particular celebration has arrived at the right time. The dazzle of the holiday season is behind us. We’re all more susceptible to Seasonal Affective Disorder. The best way to rage against that “oh no… we have 4 more months of this cold…” feeling is to treat yourself. Why not surge your system with some extra vitamins and antioxidants?!

The first time I tried green juice I was amazed. How can something chock-full of SO many things like kale and celery be this delicious?! It’s a mystery to us. But, thankfully, not too many wonderful Boulder juice. So if you’re looking for a place to grab a green juice around town this week, the Boulder real estate agents at Burgess Group recommend the following best places to go:


1. Wonder Press on Pearl Street


Wonder Press is accurately named. I find myself wondering all the time how they manage to make raw vegetables so tasty. Their little shop is the cutest. They sell local artisan goods and feature a clean, modern design. If you have time, take a minute and enjoy yourself there. Meet a friend and pair your green juice with one of their delicious avocado toasts.

But if you’re in a hurry, just snatch a juice from their grab-n-go cooler. Don’t forget to wash out and bring back your glass bottle. When you bring back your glass bottle, you’ll get a discount on your next juice! Plus the knowledge that you’ve participated in a sustainable packaging initiative.


We desperately want to try everything on their menu. The menu is extensive… but their green juice section is the longest category on the juice list.  You’ll have 6 different green juice options to choose from. And that’s not even counting smoothies! Their delicious blends include things like kale, collard greens, parsley, green apple, spinach, cucumber, and celery. With all these vitamin-packed vegetables in your system, you’re bound to feel like a superhero.


Wonder Press is the go-to juice bar for Boulder realtor Jennifer Gilligan and her collegue Paul Cure. “I never knew juice could occur in so many colors and flavors,” says Paul.


Our Boulder real estate agents are positive you’ll have the same reaction!


View Menu here.



2. Blendz Juice Bar in Lafayette

Blendz is a brightly colored juice bar… with even brighter juices. This shop prides itself on sourcing the highest quality ingredients from the best sources. They support locally grown organic produce. Their produce comes from small farms and orchards within a 50-mile radius. By transforming the freshest local produce into high-nutrient delicious juice, they complete a cycle of community support. And on top of that, a portion of every sale goes to causes they care about. Specifically, Sister Carmen Community Center and Hope House Colorado.


Their menu is extensive and includes fruity options, acai bowls, and boba additives.


Blendz is the top juice-bar pick for our Burgess Group | Compass teammate Kacie (she’s our amazing marketing director!).


View menu here.



3. The Juice Bee

This Pearl Street juice bar is super convenient to pop in for quick green juice. And while you’re at it… try one of their spicy ginger or turmeric shots for a powerful immunity booster. It’s a city favorite for smoothies, juices, and smoothie bowls. 


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4. Whole Sol 

Whole Sol has won a slew of awards. They’ve won Best New Restaurant, Best Brunch, Best Takeout, and Best Vegan/ Vegetarian. So you know they’re doing something right! Their menu is 100% organic and superfood-based. And if you’re feeling inspired after this month’s Green Juice Day, you can sign up for their juice pass. Joining costs $12.99/month… and then you get unlimited $5 juices! All-day. Every day. For reference- that’s 50% off their normal prices! Cold press juices are amazing. But it’s also not a cheap treat. It’s understandable too. Have you ever looked at the price of buying wholesale organic vegetables? Or how many vegetables it takes to make one glass of green juice? It’s not cheap! So, naturally, cold-pressed juices are pretty expensive. But with this program, Whole Sol makes it much more realistic to imagine a utopia where everyone intakes their daily vegetables by sipping down a delicious juice.  


View menu.



5. MAD Greens | Boulder 

If you’re looking for a dine-in experience with green juice on the side, our Boulder real estate agents recommend this great spot! They don’t have a major juice menu like some of the other spots on this list. But they have two rock-solid green juice options. The Apple Greenie has spinach, green apples, oranges, and limes. And the green detox has spinach, cucumber, celery, ginger root juice, and a house-made spice blend. Stay for lunch and try one of their amazing soups, salads, and wraps. 


View menu.





When you’re feeling that awesome buzz rush that comes from vitamins and high spirits, take a pic of your green juice and tag us on Insta! Enjoy… and Happy Green Juice Day from our amazing Boulder realtor team!


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