The Ultimate To-Do List in Boulder

Life in Boulder, Colorado is anything but boring. But sometimes you might feel a little overwhelmed with your huge variety of options and fall into a routine that grows stale over time.

What you really need is a comprehensive list of the must-see attractions and must-experience activities in the Boulder area. As your local authority on the real estate market in Boulder, Burgess Group Realty has a firm grasp on what makes this part of the country special. That’s why we’re here to provide you with details on the most exciting and memorable aspects of Boulder.

So without further ado, here’s our ultimate to-do list for activities and sightseeing in the Boulder, CO area!

The Red Rocks Amphitheater

You haven't been to a concert until you've seen one with the phenomenally picturesque landscape of Colorado surrounding you. The Red Rocks Amphitheater features amazing artists performing live amidst the gorgeous red rock formations Boulder is known for. Check out the Red Rocks calendar and make your plan to see your favorite musicians ASAP!

Visit Pearl Street Mall

One must-visit destination in Boulder is the Pearl Street Mall, an open-air pedestrian mall that feels more like a state fair than a shopping center. And while there is plenty of shopping – everything from high-end fashion to art boutiques, bookstores, and other specialty retailers – you'll find some incredible free live entertainment. Musicians, singers, and other mind-bogglingly talented performers abound. Check out Pearl Street Mall as soon as possible!

The Boulder History Museum

If you live in luxury properties in Boulder, CO and want to learn more about how the area came to be, you'd likely love to take a tour of one of our most magnificent museums. Home to more than 45,000 antique artifacts, the Boulder History Museum is part of the historic Harbeck-Berghei House. Even if you aren't the keenest museum-goer, you can take in the true history and significance of the city and surrounding area of Boulder, Colorado to learn fascinating details about its storied past.

The Avery Brewing Company

If you've seen much of Boulder, you've definitely encountered a range of breweries all offering authentic and original flavors of beer. But one we'd like to single out as a must-experience brewery is the Avery Brewing Company. Whether it's trying their wide range of delicious craft beers or taking a tour through the entire production and bottling process, you'll find your senses delighted and your belly pleasantly full after a trip to this quality craft brewery in Boulder.

The Boulder Bat Cave

You read that right! Boulder has its very own bat cave located at the end of the Mallory Cave trail near the National Center for Atmospheric Research. Getting to the cave might take a little work as it’s a somewhat steep climb, but once you get there, you'll know it was worth the effort. The bats in the Boulder bat cave are housed as part of an effort to keep them safe and healthy and free to eat as many insects as their hearts desire!

Explore the Flatirons

No matter where you travel in the Boulder, CO area, you'll encounter wide open spaces and beautiful views of pristine landscapes. After all, Boulder itself is surrounded by a jaw-dropping 45,000 acres of nature in its truest form. One incredibly iconic part of Boulder's scenery is the Flatirons, an enormous stretch of rock walls in a variety of formations that allow for all sorts of outdoor adventures. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a daring rock climber, the Flatirons allow for just about every activity you could imagine in an area of breathtaking imagery and fascinating topography. Don't forget your camera.

Settler's Park

Anyone who has seen one knows that Boulder has the best sunrises imaginable. But if you've never seen it from the perfect angle, you're missing out. That's why you should wake up before the sun and head out to Settler's Park to watch the sun climb over the eastern horizon at dawn. Make sure to bring your breakfast with you to enjoy your morning meal in the glory of the new day!

Boulder County Farmers Markets

It's hard to beat fresh fruits and vegetables, and Boulder's farmers markets are a fantastic place to find the freshest produce and homemade goods in the area. Independent growers bring their locally-grown fruits, vegetables, flowers, trees, herbs, coffee beans, baked goods, and even arts and crafts to this one of a kind farmers market that puts a heavy emphasis on the value of local goods. Check out this Boulder, CO event for a taste of authentic Boulder, CO flavor.

What did you think of our ultimate to-do list for the Boulder, CO area? If you have any suggestions, comments, or general thoughts on how others can share in the wonder experiences Boulder has to offer, feel free to let us know! And if you have any other questions about Boulder living or real estate in the Boulder area, contact us today to learn more!

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