Louisville CO Opens Wings Wide To Backyard Chicken Movement



Louisville may soon embrace fowl culture.

If Louisville City Council passes the ordinance, each household will be able to nurture 6 hens, provided it has a coop and enclosed run. Unlike several other towns in the area, when it is time for stew, homeowners will be able to slaughter at home also, out of sight of neighbors.


The Farm-To-Table movement has long been growing in popularity.  Boulder has had the most permissive regulations, permitting hens and legal slaughtering by default.  Longmont approved hens in 2009, Lafayette in 2011.  Erie and Broomfield will be voting on the issue later this fall.

Advocates site pest management, more nutritious eggs and meat, manure as fertilizer and chickens as fluttering, fluffy pets as benefits. Detractors cite noise and odor.

What benefit do these birds provide? If residents only keep hens, is any harm done to our communities?  Don’t be a chicken, let us know what you think!

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