How High Can They Go? The 10 Highest Priced ZIP Codes in the U.S.

Boulder is a showplace for some of the most luxurious houses in the U.S. But would you believe that Boulder real estate doesn’t crack Forbes’ top 10 list of America’s most expensive housing markets?

Hold on to your wallet. Here are the places where homes have a median price far higher than they do in Boulder.

1. 94027 Atherton, California ($9,686,154)

Atherton earns the top spot thanks to being a favorite ZIP code for executives like Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. It’s only a 20-minute commute to the giant Silicon Valley companies that run the world.

2. 22362 Manalapan, Florida ($8,368,431)

Perched on the eastern edge of Palm Beach County, the seaside town is home to only a few hundred fortunate full-time residents.

3. 94022 Los Altos Hills, California ($7,755,000)

The town of nine-square miles entices with its emphasis on rural tranquility and limited commercial activity.

4. 94301 Palo Alto, California ($7,016,631)

Palo Alto earned the nickname Birthplace of Silicon Valley after its Stanford University produced key players in the computer technology revolution.

5. 94957 Ross, California ($6,939,423)

There may be a good reason you haven’t heard of Ross. It’s less than two square miles. However, it’s a gorgeous spot north of San Francisco in Marin County.

6. 11962 Sagaponack, New York ($6,852,692)

This village on the eastern end of Long Island is an exclusive section of the Hamptons with its share of famous residents including Jimmy Fallon and Caroline Kennedy.

7. 81656 Woody Creek, Colorado ($6,651,269)

Woody Creek is a community northwest of Aspen in Roaring Fork Valley. It’s a getaway for those who seek a life closer to nature on one of the area’s spacious ranches.

8. 90210 Beverly Hills, California ($6,442,914)

Beverly Hills is one destination that’s known around the world thanks to its population of the planet’s biggest celebrities.

9. 10065 New York, New York ($6,415,146)

There’s a good chance that the Upper East Side is the setting for one of your favorite New York movies or TV shows. In addition to high-end apartments and fabulous mansions, the area is also famous for its museums, schools, and foreign consulates.

10. 10013 New York, New York ($6,289,099)

The TriBeCa (or Tribeca) area of lower Manhattan transformed from an industrial area to a haven for artists. Now it is both one of the most expensive and fashionable neighborhoods in New York.

This list makes clear that luxury properties in Boulder, by comparison, are a true bargain.

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