Flood of Housing Inventory 2014?

Inventory Rising? Spring 2014 has been a trying time for Boulder County buyers:  little inventory, escalation clauses, multiple offers and losing properties has been the bane of many buyers’ existences.

Is a change on the horizon?  According to a recent survey by Lending Tree, our dearth of inventory may not last long.  Of those surveyed:

  • 63% have a positive outlook on 2014′s economy
  • 69% have a positive outlook on 2014 housing
  • 71% are considering selling in 2014

While all three of these findings are important, the final one is somewhat startling.  Lending Tree 71% are considering selling.

What is different?  Homeowners have now gained sufficient equity to not lose their shirts.  And  robust consumer confidence has buoyed thoughts that now is the time to make a move.

How much of that 71% will actually come to market in Boulder County? The market could get  interesting, fast.

What do you think?  Will we soon have loads of inventory?

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