Boulder County Economy Will Likely Stay Strong

The economy of Boulder County is likely to keep performing well said University of Colorado economists Rich Wobbekind in an economic forecast event, hosted by the Boulder Economic Council and the Boulder Chamber.

The county outperformed the nation on every economic measure last year. The projections are for more of the same for 2017.

Economists projected each primary industry to continue growth, housing values are slated to appreciate further, retail sales are strong and employment and wages are on pace to rise.

Tenants in Boulder County will see a slowdown in rents as multifamily construction has ramped up.

Asked about which attributes of Boulder are most important to their business, Darren Dasburg, site director of AstraZeneca replied, “We certainly came here for a couple reasons. There was an empty plant waiting to be used, and we were interested in seeing the biotech industry’s top people. We received 1,000 top-quality resumes for 250 jobs in Boulder.”

“Talent is super important. There is collaboration and support here (that is) a huge help,” Scott Green, site director at Google, added.

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