Boulder City Council Reviews 2016 and Looks Ahead

The session of the City Council centered on review of 2016 and a look-ahead at the coming year.

Development plans at two major city-owned sites, homelessness, new taxes and street safety were among the highlights of Boulder’s 2017 legislative agenda.

The discussion took place under the backdrop of a philosophical problem whose solution for years has eluded Boulder councils.

“There are very fundamental disagreements that are not going to get resolved in this community,” Councilman Matt Appelbaum said.

“This council and the next one and the one after that are going to have to decide what they want do to about it.”

Some council members are interested in adding more work to the year’s plan in addition to the major items set for 2017.

Among these are:

  • To address growing concerns about traffic flow
  • To start thinking about how autonomous vehicles will be integrated here
  • To work on a policy that gives preference to retail and dining outfits when pedestrian-level space opens up
  • To consider changing how it regulates accessory dwelling units and owner’s accessory units
  • To overhaul the system by which Boulder puts together master plans for its various departments

These and other ideas will have to compete with the fact that several major undertakings in 2017 have already been committed by the council.

Read more about the council meeting, click here.

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