Lender List

We have no affiliation with or referral relationships with any of these lenders - they have simply provided timely, high quality service to past clients and we feel confident they will provide the same to you.

Once you speak with lenders and narrow things down to one or two choices, please get your application started before we put in an offer! Your earnest money will be safest that way and the process will run more smoothly and quickly.

When you make an offer and get under contract, lenders need to be able to order the appraisal immediately, and you having your docs submitted in advance allows them to do that. When we see people running into trouble, it is because of appraisal delays, which delay loan approval, which delay closing. Sellers are not required to solve these issues and they could put your earnest money at risk, so let's avoid them from the start.

  • Online Lender and National Bank Precautions: Please note: online and other large national lenders (Chase, BofA, Wells Fargo) often have difficulty aligning with our local market behaviors. If you are considering using a non-local lender, please speak with them about each step in their process and confirm they can hit every one of your contract dates without a problem. In other parts of the country, it is not a problem to get timing extensions for financing delays but in the Front Range it can be. Missing an appraisal or loan date could put your Earnest Money at risk since a Seller could refuse to grant an extension and put you in a tight spot.

Laurie Mead

Elevations Credit Union (They do not sell their loans, so not limited by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guidelines)
P.O. Box 9004, Boulder, CO 80301

Karen Hope

Chad Van Zandt

Caliber Home Loans
720 Pearl Street, Suite 1-B Boulder CO 80302

Luke Mause

First Bank (They do not sell their loans, so not limited by Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac guidelines)
John: 303.543.3615  Luke:  303.581.2503

Nate Lindamood

Chase Bank (usually very good for jumbo rates)

Milton Jaimes (Bilingual - English/Spanish)

Morgan Stanley (need to be Client of Bank-private)

Greg Miller

US Bank
5211 W 72nd Ave, Westminster CO 80030

Lyles Lipe or Warren Colaric

First Western Trust (303.441.9400)
1155 Canyon Blvd Suite 300, Boulder, CO 80302
Lyles Direct Line:  303.441.9405 
Warren Direct Line:  303.441.9408 

Become A Cash Buyer

2401 E 2nd Ave Unit 300, Denver, CO 80206

Local Bridge Lending

Peter Jameson

Flatirons Bank

Milton Jaimes

The Federal Savings Bank

Commercial Financing / Construction Loans

Brett Spillman 

VP, Commercial Bank Division
AMG National Trust Bank
1155 Canyon Blvd, Suite 310, Boulder CO 80302

Susan Moratelli

VP Commercial Relationships Manager
Flatirons Bank
1095 Canyon Blvd. Suite 100. Boulder, CO 80302
Office: 303.530.4999

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