How We'll Help You Buy A Home

The Boulder / Denver metro area is one of the most desirable and competitive real estate markets in the nation. Buying a home can be an overwhelming experience. From understanding local land value to planning closing costs— there is a lot to learn.


With over 25 years experience, including building, rehab, and professional real estate services, we have a deep understanding of current and trending market activity. We help clients select the right property to achieve their long-term goals, optimizing both client time and their overall investment. Burgess Group has an exceptional success record helping hundreds of buyers win bidding wars in some of Colorado’s most sophisticated and competitive markets, including Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Longmont, Broomfield, and Denver.​​​​​​​

  • Wall Street Journal - America's Best Real Estate Professionals

  • Best of Zillow

  • Founding Agent Team of Compass Boulder

  • Top 1% of Realtors by volume, in Boulder County, Colorado and the USA
  • Platinum Performance Award

  • In Colorado’s top 100 real estate agents by volume

  • In top 1% of US Realtors® by volume


1. Get Pre-Approval

Getting your lender pre-approval letter is the first step toward buying your home. We can connect you to dependable mortgage lenders who will offer competitive interest rates, desirable financing packages, and options.

2. Find A Realtor You Trust

Interview licensed real estate professionals and sign with one. If selected, we will work as your advocate and trusted advisor from the start of our search all the way through closing – and beyond, as needed.

3. Search and Visit Properties

We will look at a range of areas and property types, per your real estate goals. Now is the time to determine your must-haves, nice-to-haves, and negotiables. During showings and open houses we will point out pros and cons of all properties, so that you can make informed decisions.

4. Make An Offer

Once you have seen a home you like, we submit an offer, which outlines the price, terms, and conditions of the purchase. We will provide advice on pricing and offer strategy, leading you through the process.

5. Home Inspection

The inspector will show you how the home works, what is not working and how to maintain the systems. He or she will also provide a comprehensive report for future reference.

6. Deliver Earnest Money Deposit

In Colorado, your earnest money deposit is usually between 1-3%, determined by the seller. Once you are under contract, you will send the EMD to the title company. These funds are cashed, held in escrow, and applied to your down payment at closing.

7. Complete Formal Loan Application

If you are financing your home, you are contractually required to make formal loan application according to dates in the contract. Application is typically completed within 1-2 days of contract execution.

8. Appraisal

Once you are under contract, and if you are financing your home, your lender engages an appraiser to verify the property’s value for the lending institution.

9. Closing Scheduled

Schedule closing. 

10. Final Walk-Through With Your Agent

We walk through the property just before closing to confirming that it is in the physical condition negotiated through the Sales Contract and possibly the Inspection Resolution.

11. Closing

Congratulations, you are now a homeowner!

12. Celebrate

Woo Hoo! 

What We Value and Offer

  • Open communication

  • Total discretion, privacy, and confidentiality

  • Access to Catherine and Andy

  • Dedication to accomplishing your real-estate objectives

Commitment to Be Your Ongoing Advisor

  • Monthly market overview

  • Yearly property value update

  • Tax season settlement statements

  • Ongoing resource after closing

  • Remodeling advice: we advise on potential value impact and share contractor referrals

After The Sale 

After your property closes, we will be in touch to be sure that all details are squared away. After closing, please reach out with any questions that may arise, whether questions be about plumber recommendations or the current value of your property. We’re happy to keep our eyes open for your next real estate dream property and will keep you posted as we make progress.


Private Interactive Home Tours

We can take buyers on a virtual journey through any home with sight, sound, and motion to expound on the unique features of the home. Buyers can easily provide feedback via live video, text, or emoticons that can be easily shared with agents and sellers.

Virtual Neighborhood Tour

Selling your home will be a "virtual walk in the park" with Compass' Virtual Neighborhood Tours. Buyers and their families can explore new neighborhoods and experience all that the community has to offer with snapshots of key attributes of the neighborhood.

Dynamic Digital Listing Brochures

Pages will turn, videos will play, home features will come to life with interactive brochures that create a dynamic, immersive experience for even the most discerning of buyers.

Video Mail (V-Mail)

You've got mail! With embedded video, I can share captivating videos with my connections with ease. Videos will automatically play when an email is opened so buyers will never miss (or forget) their first interaction with your property. Not only will I see when they've started watching the video, but I'll also know when they've stopped watching — giving us additional insight on what is capturing buyers' attention.

Live Postcard

With an animated open experience and dream-like views of the most desirable features of the home, Live Postcards can surprise and delight prospective buyers. By sending these with the Compass CRM, I can track how many people actually viewed the postcard at any moment.

Digital Marketing + Insight

The Compass Digital Ad tool allows for the quick and easy launch of optimized Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to promote your property to a highly targeted audience. We use proprietary Compass user data to target the perfect audience, a team of experts designs an engaging ad to showcase your listing, and our system optimizes the ad's performance with constant testing. Once your Facebook and Instagram listing ad is live, I can provide real-time, detailed campaign results in the form of a digital ad report. This tool allows me to act swiftly to market and sell your home with confidence.

Enhanced 3D Staging

Staging We've partnered with America's leading virtual staging firm to provide enhanced 3D staging that combines superior home staging expertise and high-end design with state-of-the-art virtual staging technology.

*The tools above are based on the assumption that there is pre-existing photography and video. Should you have a listing that requires new videography or photography, please contact your sales manager to ensure you are adhering to local restrictions around COVID-19.

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